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Beverly Hills Pet Spa:

We live in a highly Unnatural and High Stress World....What do you think the effect on our Pets is!

Beverly Hills is known for many things; however, if anything is true there is nowhere in the world where household pets are treated so Well!. The origin of the modern Pet Hotel and Pet Spa originated in Beverly Hills, and since the 1980s practitioners have sought to provide the most World-Class Researched Care and Therapies for animals. In addition to in depth analysis of dietary needs, which has resulted in many fully Organic and raw-food meal plans, Health Optimization has become the number one pursuit. In addition to the standard modalities of therapy, Sound Therapy has become an all-important piece of the puzzle, and something of great therapeutic benefit. A pet's health, like that of their human counterparts, can be massively affected by anxiety and stressful situations such as being boarded, visiting the vet-clinic, thunderstorms, territorial over-agitation, and antisocial behaviors and phobias. Many Vets turn to meds to mask problems, and many times pets are left in highly unnatural and stressful states for long periods of time; however, there are better and more natural solutions! This is where Sound Therapy comes into play. In the same way that the effects of sound have been proven to greatly alter perceptions and emotions in humans on both conscious and unconscious levels, the effects on animals have shown to be more drastic and thus more therapeutic if the specific needs are correctly addressed. Beverly Hills Pet Spa built upon European research from the 1980s, trial and error experience, and clinical trials from over 30 years of analysis to create music that calmed and soothed pets in Pet Hotels and Pet Spas. Veterinarians in turn began using the same specific sound therapies to soothe pre and post-op animals in the animal-hospital and ambulatory environments. For the first time, this music has begun to be marketed on its own and to the public. Six albums of continuous looping sound therapy systems are currently available: 1.) European Relaxation Music Therapy for Agitated Dogs, 2.) European Relaxation Music Therapy for Agitated Cats, 3.)  European Relaxation Music Therapy for Agitated Dogs with Nature Sounds, 4.)  European Relaxation Music Therapy for Agitated Dogs Vol 2. (Natural Journeys), 5.) Piano Dreams - Nature Soundscape Music Therapy for Dogs, and 6.) Birds Vol I - Nature Soundscape Music Therapy for Cats. Ideally set the albums to play (either on your stereo or music streaming device) on Shuffle with 3 second Crossfades (if you have the ability) and create a more soothing and calming environment for your pet. Feel more at ease leaving your pets alone at home during the day, reduce their Stress and Confusion, help prepare them for visits to the vet, and overall make their lives (and Yours!) easier and more Natural!  You should give Beverly Hills Pet Spa a try....Your pet deserves balance.    

Nature Spirit:


Imagine yourself enveloped by a dense rainforest canopy. The lull of a babbling stream, the faint songs of jungle birds and distant tree frogs...and there you are in a mental space that can only be described as "Heavenly." Nature Spirit combines expertly captured field recordings with light and airy synth pads and sonic arrangements that transport the listener into a soothing ecstasy. Put on the headphones and let the cares and stresses of the day just melt away. "Enchanted Rainforest" features rainforest sounds aside synth pads and sonic textures; this record works great for meditation and sleep applications as well as for background ambient sounds for your home or office. "Rainforest Immersion" features pure unadulterated rainforest sounds; this record works great both as a background ambient soundtrack, which will transform any space into a jungle, and as nature-centric meditation modalities. Do yourself a favor and experience Nature Spirit. Bringing true Natural Balance to your modern lifestyle has never been so easy!

Nature Spirit Soundscapes:


We are super excited to bring you Nature Spirit Soundscapes' "Ambient Ocean Waves." This Meditation and Sleep system record is a real gem. As hypnotic as it is soothing; as ambient as it is melodic, this is a very special work. With the combination of vintage and custom analog synthesizers, expertly recorded ocean sounds, and a 432hz tuning reference, "Ambient Ocean Waves" will calm, induce sleep, augment meditation practices, stimulate creativity and focus, and provide a rewarding and therapeutically immersive experience every time. Try it for yourself; See what all the hype is about!



Nature Sound Recordings:

Nature Sound Recording provides professional HI-RES field recording by going the extra mile to capture exceptional nature soundscapes that can be used to help on sleep, study, relax, meditate or merely to provide a calming natural accompaniment to any setting.  Nature Sound Recordings is diligently capturing, with the world's best recording equipment, many of the world's most sonically sublime natural environments.


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